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A robot that does not require programming


Optimize the utilization of your machine and get great financial benefits without the need for programming skills.

We recently updated our GP25 robot cell with a new, sharp design that allows the fence to be folded so you can move the robot between locations in as little as 5 minutes.

With the GP25, there is no need for programming, but simply entering measurements.

You can also control the robot directly from the machine with the Point, Tap, Enter function. You point to the controller, tap the screen, press ENTER, and data is sent directly to the robot.

With a robot cell from Flextek, you always get a reliable solution so your production can run smoothly – both day and night. Our engineers are always ready to help, and if you need a service contract for the annual statutory service check on your robot, we can do that aswell.

Contact your nearest sales manager here, or call +45 76 413 413 to hear more about the GP25 robot cell.