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Nursery Homes

Flextek Logistics robot handles the garbage, and takes the hard tow …
Do you lack time in your everyday life, do you run too fast, or do you lift too heavily? With Flextek logistics robot, the staff saves time, steps and heavy lifting. The robot helps and takes the hard tow when the garbage has to be taken out and the laundry needs to be washed.

… and transports anything you might want
The robot is a flexible logistics solution that, with custom cabinets, carts and shelves, can transport everything from garbage and goods to food and laundry. Following a schedule, the robot runs daily from A to B, but if the need for extra help arises, a button is pressed and the robot redirects its route.

… with care and confidence.
The robot safely moves between staff and citizens. With sensors, it keeps an eye on its path. In the event of obstacles on the route, it will go around the obstacle or stop completely until the coast is clear again. This allows the robot to effortlessly, safely and unobtrusively, drive between staff and citizens in a busy environment.

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