Do you lack time at work, are you running too fast, or are you lifting too heavy? With Flextek Logistics Robot, staff saves time, effort and heavy lift in an otherwise busy work day.

As the need increases and the requirements of the sector is rising, time is also more inadequate for the staff. Flextek Logistics Robot is a flexible logistics solution, and with customised cabinets, trolleys and shelves, the robot can transport everything from garbage to food and laundry. This saves staff time, step and heavy lifting.

The robot is the staff’s loyal partner who pulls one’s weight.

Solutions for Healtcare

Mobile robot distributes equipment to departments at University Hospital

Nursery Homes

Conctact the salesteam

Whether your focus lies in high flexibility and seamless conversion, or in large volumes, we have the right solutions for your automation tasks and production environment. Through close dialogue, we will steer you to the right solution for the job.