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Campaign on OKUMA GENOS L3000


Now you can get this lathe for only DKK 425,- per workday with no prepayment

Looking for your new lathe?

Get a machine with high functionality that is powerful, compact and easy to operate with easy access to the machine. It has NC tailstock, separate removable cooling tank, integral spindle, linear guides and TAS-C Thermo Friendly Concept. The machine also has the option of both rotary tools and Y-axis.

We offer a leasing agreement without prepayment with a residual value of DKK 99,500 + VAT. The price per working day is calculated at 20 working days a month. The offer is valid until July 30, 2020. Financing is provided through Flextek Equipment Finance, and is subject to availability and to the applicable terms and conditions. Contact your local area sales manager for more information.

* The campaign price is only for new orders of OKUMA GENOS L3000


Max Turning: Ø 300 mm.

Max workinglength: 450 mm.

Spindle speed: 38 – 3.800 rpm/min

Number of tools in turret: 12

Spindle motor: VAC 22/15 kW

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