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CNC simulation provides more cutting hours


Okuma is ready with a program for virtual testing  of workpieces before they go on the CNC machines. Flextek is experiencing an increasing interest in the new digital opportunities

Run virtual tests on your workpieces before starting the machining process.

This is the core of Okuma’s 3D Virtual Monitor (3DVM) program, which enables testing of clamping, tool paths and cycle times on the computer before machining is started. The 3DVM software fully performs collision checks in a 3D virtual machine environment and all alarm codes and errors in CNC programs shows on the computer – just like on the physical Okuma CNC machine.

In Denmark, Okuma and thus also the visualization software, is distributed by Flextek, whom expects and increasing sale of digital solutions in the coming years.

Increasing interest

In any case, customers are becoming more and more aware of the digital solutions.

– An interest in these systems is starting to show. 3D Virtual Monitor provides more cutting hours on the machines because you can verify your programs virtually. Such a system helps optimize production, says Flextek’s CEO Peter Jørgensen.

He informs that Flextek’s own application engineers today use 3DVM to test workpieces for customers, but there are also customers who are already running the simulation in their production.

– If you need to simulate a process, it naturally requires that you have digitized data on tools and clamps, and the data i have become available today, says Peter Jørgensen.

Overview and data collection

On the digital front, which for Okuma is titled “Okuma Smart Factory”, data collection from machines and equipment is of course also a core area.

This can be done through the Connect Plan program, which is created as a platform that also allows data collection from other machine brands besides Okuma. On Okuma’s CNC machines, it is possible to collect all data from the machine such as spindle / axis load, operating status, alarm history and each key pressed on the CNC machine.

Less downtime

According to Okuma, the system is ideal for increasing machine utilization and ensuring an overview and monitoring that can lead to smart monitoring and thus less downtime.

Once a company’s machines are connected to Connect Plan through the respective machine controls, they can be monitored and controlled via computer – anywhere and anytime, Flextek states.