Ultra Precision Lathes for Microfinishing and Hardturning
More than 3.000 machines delivered worldwide for all kind of micro-precision turned small components in fine mechanics, optics, electronics, jewelry and watch-industry, automotive applications and turning of hardened components to replace former grinding operations.

  • Microturning in sub µm-range
  • Hardturning > 60 HRC to replace grinding operations
  • Most precise spindles for roundness of turned surfaces down to 0,1 µm
  • Slides positioning repeatability less than 0,4 µm
  • High accuracy process reliability
  • Small batches in toolroom-applications and prototyping
  • Mass-production with automation
  • Most compact machines in terms of floor-space
  • Wide range of standardized auto-loading available by robots or special made solutions according to customers workpieces.
  • precision hardened and ground sliding guideways
  • 0,1 µm resolution linear scales integrated into slides
  • Special optimized ball-screws "ETA-PLUS"
  • Ultra precision spindle bearings

Teknisk data

  • General:
  • Stroke X400
  • Stroke Z400
  • Spindle 1:
  • Max. spindle speed5000/8000
  • Bar capacity42/32
  • Spindle 2:
  • Max. spindle speed8000
  • Bar capacity32
  • Turret:
  • Tool position16
  • Number of live-tools8
  • Others:
  • Total weight of machine according to specification (kg)2100-2500
  • Dimensions (m)1,2x2,3x1,7