SCUDERIA is a Gantry-type moving beam milling machine, suitable for high-speed machining. The structure optimization, obtained through the most advanced FEM analysis instruments, and the use of driving systems of last generation with all linear motors, combine the exigencies of a high productivity with those of versatility and accuracy, and sets a new benchmark in the sector.

Teknisk data

  • Travels
  • Longitudinal mm.2.500 3.500 4.500 6.000 8.000 / N+1000
  • Cross travel mm.3.500
  • Vertical travel mm.1.300
  • Feed rate mm/min.up to 75.000
  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Tools no.25 → 300
  • NC OptionHEIDENHAIN TNC 640 - SINUMERIK 840 D sl - FANUC 31l