RONIN EVO 300/400 is a horizontal travelling column milling machine able to accomplish a wide range of machining requirements for aerospace, mechanical and die & mould fields.
Thanks to its innovative shape design and dimensioning obtained by means of structural analysis, RONIN EVO 300/400 grants exceptional values of static and dynamic rigidity. These factors are decisive in order to achieve high speed machining and acceleration, together with high accuracy in finishing and contouring. The RONIN EVO 300/400 structure is entirely made of special cast iron and distinguishes itself from other products by the symmetry of the guiding systems as to the moving axes and the thermosymmetry on the cross - vertical plane. The monolithic column with lowered trim and the rectangular ram with variable section together with the 4 guideway system, both for the vertical axis and the ram, ensure the highest optimization of the stiffness. The wide range of product configurations combined with the numerous milling accessories and rotary tables made by FPT, allow us to satisfy the specific market demands and the most particular machining requirements. 2 is better than 3!…. is not meant to be a slogan but the representation of technical solutions developed for this machine. Thanks to the column structure, that integrates the longitudinal saddle, we obtain a machine made by only 2 elements instead of the traditional 3: column-saddle-bed. This solution permits a particularly lowered trim shape design: patented on an International scale. The RONIN EVO 300/400 structures are all made of cast iron in order to optimize the vibration damping and minimize the deviations due to temperature variations. All castings undergo a stabilization process, the ram and ram-saddle are made of special nodular cast iron to achieve the highest stiffness. The greatest symmetry and balance in the distribution of masses and forces. The vertical movement is obtained by means of 4 opposing guideways, a particularly rigid solution able to maintain always the ideal trim. The vertical movement is through double kinematic motion and double balancing system. The optimization of the column symmetry, of the guiding and motion systems make Ronin the benchmark in terms of geometric accuracy and insensitive to thermal deviations of the environment. RONIN EVO 300/400 is twice as rigid as to the other 2 machine concepts having the same vertical travel. This is due to its lowered trim shape design (Patent).

RONIN EVO 300/400, as a result of its revolutionary shape design, avoids high starting costs for the foundation if compared to other machines: a simple concrete slab at floor level is needed.

Advantages over a machine using a traditional foundation pit:

  • Easy and risk-free access to the machine for the operator
  • Easy cleaning and chip removal (no accumulation of chips in the pit)
  • Reduction of foundation costs

Advantages over a lateral moving column machine:

  • Easy positioning of the workpiece
  • No collision risk between head and cubes during frontal machining
  • High stiffness even if the vertical position of the ram changes.

The integrated spindle motorization of RONIN EVO 300/400 is characterized by a “direct transmission” without mechanical gearbox and it assures the best performances for machines of its class: 49 kW - 1180 Nm.

The built-in motorization group integrates the automatic device for milling-boring and turning accessory change.

The “motor spindle” solution has been completely developed by FPT engineers and sets the benchmark for the industry.

Teknisk data

  • Travels
  • Longitudinal mm.4.000+nx2.000
  • Cross travel mm.18.800-1.500
  • Vertical travel mm.Ronin 300 3.000-2.500 Ronin 400 4.000-3.500
  • Feed rate X,Y,Z mm/min.Ronin 300 35.000 Ronin 400 30.000
  • Boring bar W.Ø 130-150
  • Automativ Tool Changer
  • Tools no.40 - 80 - 120 → ...