TESSEN is the travelling column type milling machine entrusted with the important task of reviving the success obtained throughout the world by the moving table milling machine mod. LEM. In line with the last production of innovative travelling column type milling machines such as Ronin and Verus, also TESSEN develops the concept of fixed table and moving column machine with some very important special characters. TESSEN is equipped with a big bed integrating the longitudinal sliding guideways of the column with the floorplate; the whole generously dimensioned. Furthermore, the guideways of the longitudinal movement of the bed are placed on an inclined plane at a minimum distance from the floorplate allowing the exploitation of all the daylight both vertically and horizontally. In this way the maximum reaction to the machining thrust and the utmost stiffness are granted. The column, of big dimensions and built in a double symmetrical monolithic structure, houses in the centre the space for the sliding of the vertical ram saddle. The column moves directly on the machine bed without other sliding devices. This solution grants the utmost stiffness, sensitivity and accuracy in any situation. Also the vertical saddle is a closed monolithic symmetrical structure in which there are 4 cross sliding guideways of the ram granting the maximum stiffness and accuracy behaviour, both thermal and mechanical. The ram, properly dimensioned and preloaded, has a completely closed structure on the 4 sides to give a strong and constant answer to the mechanical and thermal stresses. Its movement is through 4 guideways optimizing the resulting performances. The movement of the vertical axis Z uses 2 high precision synchronous ballscrews and a double balancing system on the whole stroke. The movement of the longitudinal and cross axes (X,Y) is by special ground ballscrews with pre-loaded double rotating nuts. This technology chosen by REM represents what nowadays is most sophisticated and high-perfomance and is guarantee of the best achievable efficiency with machines of this kind. Another qualifying choice of TESSEN is that to be standard fitted out, on the machine base, with special micrometer levelling units instead of the common and cheap bolts used by competing machines: this assures reliable accuracy values in time, easiness and precision in the periodical maintenance or checking. TESSEN has as standard feature the automatic universal head 2,5°x2,5°, 360°x360° or the continuous positioning head in the space with 0.001° resolution. As an alternative it can be equipped with DD (Direct Drive) universal head with electrospindle. A new design and high-performance motorized head 25 kW - 380 Nm - 7.000 rpm, fully air-conditioned, reduces to the minimum noise and heating, allows the utmost exploitation of all the dynamic and stiffness characteristics of the machine and grants absolute positioning accuracy. Furthermore, if compared to traditional systems, very limited maintenance interventions are needed. These important performances have been obtained by REM engineers always keeping in mind the fundamental exigencies of the operators both in terms of working, loading, tooling comfort, and checking of TESSEN during single, multiple and pendulum machining. Different tool changer solutions can be installed as well as controlled rotating tables and automatic indexed vertical tables.

Teknisk data

  • Travels
  • Longitudinal mm.2.000 - 3.500 - 4.200 - 5.000
  • Cross travel mm.1.100 - 1.200
  • Vertical travel mm.1.500
  • Feed rate mm/min.up to 40.000
  • Axis work force X,Y,Z DaN1.500
  • Rotary table
  • Table dimension mm. Ø 1.000
  • Max r.p.m. (turning table)400
  • High Frequency Spindle
  • Power kW.up to 34 // up to 47
  • Torque - Max. Nm.up to 830 // up to 195
  • Max. Spindle Speed7.000 // up to 18.000
  • Spindle TaperISO 50 - HSK A100 - HSK A63
  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Tools no.40 - 80 - 120 → ...