SPINNER U1530 Advanced

U-Compact Line
Universal Machining-Center for 3,4 or 5-axis applications

  • Small floorspace
  • Large strokes in X up to 630 or 1530 mm
  • U3 as 3-axis VMC with fixed table
  • U4 with big rotary table integrated in machine base with swivel table for 3-face machining
  • U5 as 5-axis version with big rotary/tilt table integrated in machine base
  • Extended stroke version U5-1520 as 3/5-axis combination in unique design
  • THE affordable 4+1-axis machine up to 500x500x500 mm workpiece size
  • Available for 5-axis simultanious machining
  • Direct-drive rotary table available as option
  • Low-cost automation by 5/9-pallets changer for mold makers
  • Robot-automation for up to 50 pallets or mass production
  • Most modern CNC-controls Siemens 840D-SolutionLine or Heidenhain TNC620/TNC640
  • Most modern digital drives by Siemens or Heidenhain
  • U-Compact Series in special packages for unbelievable starting price. See SPINNER-Compact

Teknisk data

  • General
  • Stroke X1530
  • Stroke Y530
  • Stroke Z465
  • Fixed tableU3 1920x540, U4 920x540, U5 920x540
  • 2-axis tableU5 D=650
  • Rotary tableU4 D=560
  • Spindle
  • Spindle speed12.000 (Option: 15/20.000 HSK63)
  • Power (S6 40%/S1)15/9 (Option: 20.000 HSK63) (29/25)
  • Torque (S6 40%/S1)100/63 (Option: 20.000 HSK63) (99/83)
  • Spindle taperSK40 (HSK63)
  • Others
  • Number of tools32/54/122
  • Weight (kg)U3 9.000, U4 9.400, U5 9.800
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)3.500x2.350x2.750