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Next-Generation Robot System


The future of manufacturing

Built-in automation solution – OKUMA Armroid & Standroid

With Armroid and Standroid from Okuma, you get a built-in robotic solution that, with the industry’s smallest footprint, ensures optimal automatic production, lower costs and higher return on investment. With the user-friendly operating system, the robots can be operated without the need for knowledge of robot programming.

✔ Integrated in the machines control system

Armroid & Standroid can be operated in the same way as a cnc machine, as it is equipped with an easy-to-use robotic control tool that only requires input of numbers and is integrated into the machine’s control.

✔ Integrated into the machine’s Collision Avoidance System

Armroid & Standroid are integrated into the machine’s Collision Avoidance System (CAS), which prevents collisions. You can, therefore, use both machine and robot unattended so production can run in the evening, at night and on weekends.


First of all, the robot takes up the same amount of space as a traditional lathe as it sits inside the machine. In addition, it has the opportunity to perform various jobs in the work area while the workpiece is being processed.

✔ Built-in gripper / tool magazine for the robot

The built-in gripper and tool magazine ensures that the robot can perform its tasks without the need for manual handling.

✔ Workpiece support for stability

Another supportive task that the robot performs is the simultaneous steady rest support. Unlike traditional workpiece support, the armroid ensures that the steadu rest follows the machining throughout the process, thus ensuring stability and avoiding vibrations.

* Available for OKUMA LB3000EXII and MULTUS B250II


With its user friendly control system and small footprint, Standroid ensures improved productivity of small and medium lots in non-stop workflows.

✔ Finds the most optimal, collision-free motion path

As part of the integration with the machine’s control and the Collision Avoidance System, the robot automatically creates an optimal, collision-free motion path. This means that even beginners in robotics can make it work from day one.

✔ No need for system integrator during setup

Due to the easy setup and installation, there is no need for a system integrator to handle the robot setup.

✔ Several configuration options depending on item and production needs

Many package units have been designed to meet the workpiece, lot size, and other production requirements.

* Available for OKUMA MU-S600V, MU-4000V, GENOS M Serien, and MB-V Serien