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Open house online Chiron


Chiron has decided to swap their traditional open house exhibition out with an online event where there will be the opportunity to meet, communicate and experience technology in a new way.

CHIRON OPEN HOUES ONLINE will be from the 14’th to 19’th of May and will be one of the first online in-house exhibitions of the machine-tool industry. Register as via the link and you will recieve everything you need for your online exhibition visit.

Click here for registration

For further information contact your local Area Sales Manager og call Flextek directly on phone: +45 76 413 413

We are looking forward to welcoming you.


  • CHIRON Group AM Cube – Premiere
    3D-metal printer for larger components
  • CHIRON Group Service
    LifetimeSolutions and SmartServices
  • CHIRON 22 Series – Premiere
    Precision and dynamics taken to new dimensions
  • CHIRON 16 Series
    Automation module VariocellUno
  • STAMA MT 733 Series
    Complete Machining and First Part = Good Part Strategy
  • STAMA TechTalks
    Know-how and information from Engineering and Service