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Machine service

With the best staff of qualified technicians, we are ready to respond 24 hours all over the country.

Motor renovation

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to check your Siemens or Heidenhain servomotor. In addition, we have a wide selection of essential components for the most prevalent types of motors.

A meticulously selected business partner performs all the mechanical renovation. Within a few work days, we deliver a motor which has gone through a complete renovation, so that the downtown of your machines is as short as possible.

Generally, you find cost reduction in renovation of a machine versus buying a new machine, and the processing time will be shorter.


Do you own an old lathe, which produces “valuable workpieces,” but is lacking behind on technology, then we will upgrade it with a retrofit.

Retrofit is pointed at aged CNC machines which produce individual workpieces. For those machines, we recommend retrofit instead of investing in new machines.

With a retrofit, you will effectively get your old machines upgraded with new up-to-date Siemens or Heidenhain controls as well as the whole technical package, including options such as safety with emergency stop, gate safety, and auto door. With it, the machine will be connected to the network of the company.

With retrofit, you get a cost-effective and sensible solution for aged machines.

Climate control

Make your CNC-machine dependable in the summer heat and avoid electronic control components gets affected by rising temperature. The lifespan on control components which placed in overheated control panels can decrease by 50%. With a climate evaluation of the machine control panel, an assessment of necessary ventilation, as well as a report concerning possible modifications, will prevent a decrease.

We provide you security by offering a new generation of energy-efficient cooling units which reduces the energy consumption by 75%. We document that the requirements of the environment’s temperature are met and give the opportunity to collect data to a local CTS system. In addition, you are offered to hear about the possibilities for KWH refusion in energy optimization.

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