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Service contract

A service contract is an investment in the future. The investment the company has made in a machine must pay interest in the best way, and this is only possible if the machine runs faultlessly with a top performance.

By signing a service contract, the company will obtain benefits that may otherwise be costly bought. At the same time, a well-maintained machine represents a higher value if the machine is to be sold or replaced by a newer machine.

Obtain benefits with a service contract from Flextek

  • Planned production shutdown
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Extended lifespan on the machine
  • Technical knowledge update on the machine
  • Condition report after each service inspection
  • Fixed price
  • Service completed by professional service technicians

Why preventive service?
Preventive service pays off as most unexpected production breakdowns will be foreseen. The production can run unobstructed and is only disconnected when planned

Make bigger profits with a service contract

Our service contract is based on the idea that you should notice us as little as possible. You will get a report showing what condition your machine is in, what should be changed as well as a service check at a fixed price.

Hear more about our service contract by calling the service department at +45 76 413 413 or by e-mail