YCM H2612B

High Precision, High Rigidity, Powerful Gear-Head Spindle
• The #50 spindle deploys high precision NN series bearings, at maximum 4,500rpm is suitable for high rigidity, heavy, and various machining operations.
• Deployed with the spindle oil-thermal-cooling device of 1,300Kcal/h capability to strictly control the spindle heat increment within 10˚C, and to perform the high accuracy machining results.
• The spindle is deployed with the motor power output at maximum 18.5kW, and the 2-step automatic transmission high-low gear head of 74.1 kg-m max. Torque output easily conducts 650cc/min metal removal heavy cutting capacity.
• Quill of prolongation design allows deep-hole machining.

Durable, Precision, and Speedy Machine Design with Super Rigid Construction
• The X/Z axes deploy rigid linear motion guide ways of low friction, hardened and ground with TURCITE-B plated Y-axis assure the accuracy in high-speed movement.
• The rapid feed speed on X axis is at 15m/min,and 12m/min on Y/Z axes.
• The 3 axes ballscrews are directly coupled with powerful servo motors. The fixed pretension design efficiently eliminates distortion of heat factor and prevents backlash problems to ensure high machining rigidity and accuracy.

Fast and Reliable ATC Mechanism Proved by a-million-time Running Test
• The ARM type hydraulic ATC mechanism with backlash-free roller-cam design performs stable and reliable ATC.
• The magazine is indexed by the shortest distance tool selection to meet the high production requirements; 40T and 60T are available for customers to choose.

Teknisk data

  • Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm4,500
  • Max. Spindle Motor Power kW22
  • Spindle TaperBT50 (CAT50)
  • X-axis Travel mm2,600
  • Y-axis Travel mm1,200
  • Z-axis Travel mm1,200
  • Distance Between Spindle Center & Table Top mm200~1,400
  • Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table Center mm-250~900
  • Table Size mm2,800 x 1,400
  • Max. Load on Table kg7,000
  • Max. Work Dimensions mm
  • The Height From Table Top to Floor mm1,100
  • Table Indexing Angle
  • APC Time sec.
  • Rapid Feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min.12/16/16
  • Cutting Feedrate mm/min.1~5,000
  • Tool Magazine Capacity T40 (60/80)
  • Max. Tool Weight kg/pc20
  • Max. Tool Dimensions mmø125 x 400 (ø240 x 400)
  • Pneumatic Supplier kg/c㎡5
  • Power Consumption (Transformer) kVA52 (65)
  • Machine Weight kg27,000