Portal type or moving column type drilling centers

High performance drilling centers in portal structure or moving column structure, with one or two spindles over a rotary table covering the whole range up to 8000 mm (portal type models). Range of heads for vertical and horizontal drilling operations.

Portal architecture
Drilling centers with central rotary table and one or two heads in portal structure which allow to cover any range of work from the center of the table to a maximum diameter ø8000 mm.

Moving column
Drilling centers in moving column structure with one or two confronted heads. Range of heads for vertical and horizontal drilling operations over circular parts up to maximum diameter ø6000 mm.

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Teknisk data

  • V Classic headVertical head. Belt & pulley transmission system
  • V Extreme headHigh power electro-spindle vertical head
  • H Extreme headB axis tilting head with high dynamics electro-spindle