This new large machining center combines capabilities of high-speed machining and heavy-duty machining with its high speed acceleration/deceleration table. The MA-12500H features a large machining area (swing diameter up to Ø2,400mm), allowing the machine to handle large and heavy work pieces (max. load: 5,000kg) machined in multiple directions. Its high rigidity construction and chatter suppression technology allows for highly efficient machining of difficult-to-machine materials – ideal for truck, bus, aerospace, agriculture, shipbuilding and energy industries. Thermo-Friendly Concept provides excellent thermal stability for high dimensional accuracy. User-friendly operability is granted by a movable column Z-axis construction for good visibility. This machine also offers high torque (Nm 1,071), a high speed rotating table (9 minˉ¹), Collision Avoidance System and Machining Navi M-i.

Teknisk data

  • Table size [mm]1.250x1.250
  • Axis travel X-Y-Z [mm]2.200/1.600/1.650
  • Spindle speed [min-1]6.000 [4.500, 12.000]
  • No. of tools81 [129, 177]
  • Motor (VAC) [kW]45/37 (40/37/30, 37/26)
  • Axis travel X-Y-Z [mm]42/42/42
  • Floor space [mm]6.880 × 11.532