Machining Navi


Our Machining Navi is an optional function that uses the OSP-P control and sensors to monitor chatter. When chatter is detected, the function then either recommends spindle speed changes (Machining Navi L-g and Machining Navi M-g) or automatically makes the spindle speed adjustments (Machining Navi M-i). By choosing the optimal speed(s) that allow your machine to avoid chatter, you can save operator time and maximize productivity.

This Intelligent Technology allows you to:

  • Suppress chatter by employing automatic spindle variation for lathe applications, all while maintaining safe speeds
  • Analyze chatter and display optimal settings for chatter-free spindle speeds for high-speed machining center applications
  • Measure chatter vibration using built-in sensors that automatically shift RPMs to the ideal speed to avoid chatter
  • Optimize cutting at the machine’s highest performance limits
  • Improve the ability to test new materials and cutting tools