Integrated Spindle Design
• The built-in spindle design alleviates vibration generated by traditional belt-driven spindle design.
• The spindle utilizes a hybrid spindle design combining high quality angular contact bearings and highly rigid roller type bearings to handle high precision turning and heavy duty machining.

High Efficiency Headstock Cooling Design
• The built-in spindle is continuously cooled through inverter type spindle cooling system at a constant temperature, which reduces thermal growth effect.
• The hydraulic clamping cylinder is cooled through continuous heat removal, which greatly reduces thermal growth and assures turning and machining accuracy and stability.

Ultra Fast Radial Turret
• The radial type turret offers larger turning and milling capacity with less tool interference.
• The turret is servo-driven to achieve the fastest tool changing time from station to station.
• Two types of tooling system are offered to the customers, BMT65 and VDI40.
• BMT65 tooling system is secured with 4 bolts to maximize cutting rigidity; VDI tooling system offers quick change capability.

Highly Rigid Hardened and Ground Box Type Guideway
• The oversized box type guideways are treated through induction hardening process and precision ground to achieve optimal rigidity, accuracy, and longevity.

Slant-Bed Base Structure Design
• The high damping MEEHANITE® casting base is constructed through FEM analysis to obtain optimal structural rigidity.
• The solid slant-bed design is reinforced through base connection, which reduces deformation and twisting of machine body.

Y-Axis Function
The Y-axis capability provides true milling capabilities that cannot be achieved through the traditional turning centers. The NT series allows 100±50mm travel that is sufficient for most mill/turn applications.

Teknisk data

  • Swing Over Bed mmø1,000 (ø700 Interference with Cover)
  • Swing Over Carriage mmø1,000 (ø700 Interference with Cover)
  • Max. Turning Diameter mmø350
  • Max. Turning Length mm686
  • Distance Between Center mm
  • Height Between Spindle Center and Ground mm1,160
  • Chuck Size10''
  • Spindle NoseA2-8
  • Front Bearing Diameter mmø140
  • Hole Through Spindle mmø91
  • Hole Through Draw Tube (opt.) mmø75 (ø80)
  • Spindle Speed rpm3,500
  • Max. Spindle Torque kgf-m71.4
  • C1-axis Index Accuracy0.001°
  • Chuck Size6''
  • Spindle NoseA2-5
  • Front Bearing Diameter mmø85
  • Hole Through Spindle mmø43
  • Hole Through Draw Tube mmø33
  • Spindle Speed rpm6,000
  • Max. Spindle Torque kgf-m6
  • C2-axis Index Accuracy0.001°
  • X-axis Travel mm260
  • Z-axis Travel mm780
  • Y-axis Travel mm100 (±50)
  • B-axis Travel mm770
  • Rapid Feedrate (X/Z/Y-axis) m/min.20/24/10
  • Cutting Feedrate (B-axis) m/min.20
  • Cutting Feedrate mm/min.1~10,000
  • Max. Main Spindle Motor Power kW22
  • Max. Sub Spindle Motor Power kW7.5
  • Axis Motor (X/Z/Y/B) kW4/4/3/3
  • Turret Motor kW1.2
  • Live Tool Motor kW5.5
  • Type of IndexRadial Turret (Servo Motor Drive, Hydraulic Clamp)
  • Turret Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.)12
  • Shank Height for Square Tool mm□25 (1'')
  • Shank Diameter for Boring Bar mmø40 (ø1½") / ø32 (ø1¼") with bi-directional bores
  • Swing Over Turret mmø720
  • Tail Stock Quill Taper-Dead Center (std.)
  • Tail Stock Quill Taper-Live Center (opt.)
  • Tail Stock Quill Diameter mm
  • Tail Stock Stroke mm
  • Power Consumption (Transformer) kVA60.26 (65)
  • Machine Weight kg7,450