High Rigidity Design
• The rigid body construction makes for uncompromising precision and rigidity.
• FEM analysis is adopted to ensure the best mass arrangement and rib construction of the machine for constant stability under the intensive load of heavy-duty cutting.

3 Axes Direct Drive Design
• Direct drive provides backlash free, best accuracy, reliability and stability.
• All axial AC servo motors equipped with Absolute Positioning Encoders, no zero return needed.

High Stability Tool Magazine
• Absolute encoder ATC system provides high stability and speed.
• Inverter controlled, prevents tool change speed from changing under different power supply frequency.
• Tool change speed is programmable for heavy tools, prob.

Automatic Tool Magazine Door Design
• Driven by pneumatic cylinder.
• Prevent coolant and chips from entering tool magazine.

YCM In-house IDD Spindle
• Tool unclamping cushion extends spindle bearing life by protecting spindle bearing from tool unclamping force.
• Spindle cooling system removes heat efficiently and minimizes thermal deformation.
• Ceramic bearings features low inertia mass, low centrifugal force, high rigidity and low coefficient of thermal deformation.
• High precision helical springs features high dynamic balance and low vibration.

Teknisk data

  • Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm12,000 (15,000)
  • Max. Spindle Motor Power (opt.) kW18.5 (18.5)
  • Spindle TaperBBT40
  • X-axis Travel mm1,020
  • Y-axis Travel mm520
  • Z-axis Travel mm540
  • Distance Between Spindle Nose & Table Top (opt.)mm140-680 (390-930)
  • Table Size mm1,120 x 520
  • No. T-slots x Size x Pitch mm5 x18 x 100
  • Max. Load on Table kg500
  • Rapid Feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min.48/48/32
  • Cutting Feedrate mm/min.1~20,000
  • Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) T24 (30/40)
  • Max. Tool Weight kg6
  • Max. Tool Dimensions (opt.) mmø90 x300 (ø76 x 300)
  • Pneumatic Supplier kg/c㎡5.5
  • Power Consumption (Transformer Consumption) kVA38 (40)
  • Machine Weight kg5,350