The new SV-20R automatic CNC sliding headstock lathe updates the proven SV series. The machine combines the machining possibilities of sliding and fixed headstock lathes in a unique way and continues the impressive success of the SV-20 series from the star* company. Every second turret station has been equipped with a flexible B axis and the backworking offers versatile, time-overlapped possibilities with 8 tool stations.

• FANUC 31i-B5 control system
• Movable control panel
• C axis control as standard on main and sub spindle
• Convertible from sliding headstock to fixed headstock lathe
• Tool post and turret for simultaneous machining on the front side
• Three fully independent tool systems
• Additional longitudinal axis on the turret
• Fully independent backworking
• Turret drive power 4 kW

• 7 turning tools
• 5 power-driven tools for cross machining
• 8 + α tools for turning, drilling, cross machining and backworking with drive on the turret
• 4 of these tools with B axis drive
• 8 tools for power-driven backworking
• 12 axes

Teknisk data

  • Diameter20 mm / 23 mm (option)
  • Length205 mm / 50 mm (fixed headstock)
  • C axisMain spindle
  • C axisSub spindle
  • Number of axes8
  • Main spindle (headstock) Z1 / C1 axis
  • Tool post X1 / Y1 axis
  • TurretB3 / X3 / Y3 / Z3 axis
  • B axis on the turretfreely programmable
  • Max. machining diameter20 mm / 23 mm (option)
  • Max. headstock stroke (sliding/fixed headstock)205 mm / 50 mm
  • Max. main spindle drive power5.5 kW
  • Max. main spindle speed10,000 rpm
  • Tools on the toool post
  • Turning tools7 tools (□ 12 mm)
  • Cross machining tools5 tools ER 16
  • Max. cross machining drive power2.2 kW
  • Max. cross machining speed8,000 rpm
  • Turret tools
  • Number of tool stations8 tools (all power-driven)
  • B axis4 stations
  • Max. cross machining drive power4.0 kW
  • Max. cross machining speed5,750 rpm