High Rigidity Spindle
• The spindle is designed with extra large hole through spindle: 6" or 8".
• With the utilization of the large diameter, double-row, cylindrical bearings, the spindle can stably carry axial and radial load. The TC-16 series is specially suited for high speed, high precision machining and heavy duty cutting.

User-friendly Design
• 45°one-piece slanted bed design extends the space for removing chips.
• Telescopic cover and coolant shower system are designed for easy chip removal.
• The TC-16 series is combined with visual management. Its oil pressure gauge is set in the front, so the operators can easily check the oil pressure.

High Speed and High Precision X/Z Axial Feedrate
• With low resistance and low friction, the linear guideway design elevates the machine, and fastens the movement of the headstock during non-cutting period.
• Direct drive motors on X/Z axis restrain backlash and achieve flawless positioning accuracy.

High Efficiency Chip Disposal System
• The independent coolant tank isolates the base from heat exposure.
• A special design of the coolant tank prevents the chips from flowing into the machine.
• The design of main/sub coolant tank simplifies cleaning the chip conveyor. The filter and sub coolant tank can be drawn out separately for easy maintenance.

Teknisk data

  • Swing Over Bed mmø550
  • Swing Over Carriage mmø320
  • Max. Turning Diameter mmø260
  • Max. Turning Length mm370
  • Distance Between Center mm520
  • Height Between Spindle Center and Ground mm980
  • Chuck Size (opt.)6"
  • Spindle NoseA2-5
  • Front Bearing Diameter mmø100
  • Hole Through Spindle mmø62
  • Hole Through Draw Tube (opt.) mmø52
  • Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm5,000
  • Max. Spindle Torque kgf-m15.58
  • C-axis Index Accuracy
  • Spindle Motor Power kW11 / 15
  • Axis Motor (X/Z) kW1.8 / 1.8
  • Turret Motor kW1.2
  • VDI Live Tool Motor kW
  • X-axis Travel mm150
  • Z-axis Travel mm370
  • Rapid Feedrate(X/Z) m/min.24 / 30
  • Cutting Feedrate mm/min.1~10,000
  • Type of IndexServo Motor Drive (Hydraulic Clamp)
  • Turret Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.)12T
  • Shank Height for Square Tool mm□20
  • Shank Diameter for Boring Bar mmø40
  • Swing Over Turret mmø490
  • Tail Stock Quill Taper-Dead Center(std.)MT-4
  • Tail Stock Quill Taper-Live Center(opt.)
  • Tail Stock Quill Diameter mmø75
  • Tail Stock Quill Stroke mm100
  • Tail Stock Stroke mm270
  • Power Consumption(Transformer) kVA25.24 (30)
  • Machine Weight kg 3,400