Thermo-Friendly Concept


The idea behind our Thermo-Friendly Concept (TFC) is simple: you don’t have fight thermal growth within your machine tool anymore. By combining control technology and machine design to minimize the amount of heat generated—and deal with the heat that can’t be eliminated—TFC helps you improve quality, save time, and reduce the incidence of waste product by controlling the “uncontrollable.” Ultimately, through machine or program adjustments, you don’t have to worry about your parts being deformed inside your shop, no matter what the weather is outside of it.

This Intelligent Technology allows you to:

  • Remove the need for the CNC machine warm-up operation
  • Eliminate manual adjustments by the operator to compensate for temperature changes
  • Experience unrivaled dimensional stability over long, continuous runs
  • Predict possible deformation and control any complex torsion or tilting
  • Save time, which improves overall productivity
  • Save money through reduced energy usage and labor (time) costs
  • Cut submicron-precise surfaces with your machine
  • Continue offering durable, high-precision manufacturing