VTM-YB Series 5-axis combination lathe/machining centers can perform turning, vertical, horizontal, and angled surface machining in one operation without reorienting the part in the chuck. With operator control of spindle direction in relation to the surface of the work piece, side cutting with straight end mills can be used to dramatically reduce cutting time compared with point cutting using ball end mills. Cutting efficiency can be increased significantly and the lifetime of the tooling can be extended, reducing overall production costs. The work spindle is supported at two locations by large diameter roller bearings offering precision control for the production of complex parts. The spindle’s geared head generates high torque capable of sustaining the heavy cutting necessary for parts such as large valve bodies.

Teknisk data

  • Max. turning Ø [mm]800
  • Max. turning length [mm]1.135
  • Spindle speed [min-1]800
  • No. of tools36 [120]
  • Motor (VAC) [kW]30/20
  • Rapid traverse X-Y-Z [m/min]24/24/20
  • Floor space [mm]4.887x4.870