Simultenous 5-Axis VMC for Complex Parts

Robust Structure Design

High Quality, Rugged MEEHANITE™ Castings – YCM's In-House Foundry follows strict international MEEHANITE standards ensuring high stiffness, rigidity, and vibration dampening that results in superior thermal stability, and cutting performance.
Reinforced saddle features provides optimum stiffness, rigidity and stability.
Extra wide base and column design enables solid support and excellent cutting performance when machining complex parts at a high feeds and speeds.

Accurate and Thermally

Linear scales are mounted in X/Y/Z-axis and encoders in the B & C axis allowing for the most demanding machining accuracies.
The X/Y/Z-axis are fitted with high precision roller guideways and fixed pre-tensioned, double-nut, direct drive ballscrews, allowing for fast and accurate machining.
B/C-axis Rotary Table

High precision rotary encoders in the B and C
axes as a standard feature, allowing for the most demanding machining accuracies.
Durable 2-axis tilt/rotary table allows fast, accurate
machining of complex 5-axis components.
The tilt-rotary table features a full circular hydraulic braking system that provides rigid B/C-axis clamping during fixed rotary-axis machining applications.

User-friendly Operation

Large front and right side doors allowing easy reach and unrestricted access.
Optional right side automatic door can be selected to combine with robot, gantry, or pallet allowing for automated unmanned operation.
The controller allows 145-degree swivel movement and can be operated at the front or right side of the machine.
Bellows type roof-top cover ensures chip and coolant containment. The middle section can also be easily and automatically unlatched and moved back on a track
when loading heavy parts on the table with an overhead crane.
Easy operator access to the tool magazine for the quick change of tools.

Teknisk data

  • Spindle Speed (opt.) rpm12,000 (15,000)
  • Max. Spindle Motor Power kW17
  • Spindle Taper BBT40
  • X-axis Travel mm620
  • Z-axis Travel (opt.) mm460
  • Distance Between Spindle Center and Table Top mm 150-610
  • Table size mm ø650
  • Max. Load kg 300
  • 160˚ (-50˚/ +110˚)B-axis (Tilt)
  • C-axis (Rotary) 360˚
  • Rapid feedrate X/Y/Z m/min. 36/36/36
  • Cutting Feedrate mm/min.1~20,000
  • Tool Magazine Capacity (opt.) T40 (48/60)
  • Max. Tool Weight kg/pc6
  • Max. Tool Dimensions mm ø76 x 250 (W/O adjacent Tool ø125x250)
  • Machine Weight kg 10.000